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Fourth Edition

Printing Information
The Fourth Edition was released in order to rotate the contents of the basic set. The rulebook was updated to include most of the rules from the Legends expansion and to be much clearer on some points.

The cards still have white borders but the color was made much richer and "copyright 1995" was added to the base of the cards.

The 378 card set's breakdown by rarity looks like this:
121 Rares
121 Uncommons
121 Commons
15 Lands

Note: This was the first of the main editions to print lands on a separate sheet from the normal cards. This allowed the set to be much larger than Revised Edition. Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

The following 50 cards were removed from Revised Edition for Fourth Edition:
BadlandsDarkpactMijae Djinn
BayouDemonic AttorneyRock Hydra
PlateauDemonic HordesRoc of Kher Ridges
SavannahDemonic TutorSedge Troll
ScrublandNettling ImpWheel of Fortune
TaigaSacrificeDwarven Weaponsmith
Tropical IslandBraingeyserShatterstorm
TundraCopy ArtifactAtog
Underground SeaSerendib EfreetEarthbind
Volcanic IslandVesuvan DoppelgangerKird Ape
Jandor's RingCloneFarmstead
Rocket LauncherReconstructionVeteran Bodyguard
Basalt MonolithFastbondLance
Living WallRegrowthReverse Polarity
Sol RingForkGuardian Angel
Contract from BelowGranite Gargoyle-

The following 122 cards were added from Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and The Dark:
Mishra's Factory (AQ)Lost Soul (LG)Crimson Manticore (LG)
Oasis (AN)Marsh Gas (DK)Hurr Jackal (AN)
Strip Mine (AQ)Murk Dwellers (DK)Inferno (DK)
Black Mana Battery (LG)Pit Scorpion (LG)Mana Clash (DK)
Blue Mana Battery (LG)Vampire Bats (LG)Tempest Efreet (LG)
Bronze Tablet (AQ)Word of Binding (DK)Winds of Change (LG)
Clockwork Avian (AQ)Leviathan (DK)Ali Baba (AN)
Colosus of Sardia (AQ)Psionic Entity (LG)Cave People (DK)
Coral Helm (AQ)Relic Bind (LG)Detonate (AQ)
Green Mana Battery (LG)Time Elemental (LG)Pyrotechnics (LG)
Red Mana Battery (LG)Backfire (LG)Wall of Dust (LG)
Tetravus (AQ)Ghost Ship (DK)Bird Maiden (AN)
Triskelion (AQ)Mind Bomb (DK)Blood Lust (LG)
Urza's Avenger (AQ)Segovian Leviathan (LG)Brothers of Fire (DK)
White Mana Battery (LG)Sindbad (AN)The Brute (LG)
Ashnod's Battle Gear(AQ)Apprentice Wizard (DK)Eternal Warrior (LG)
Cursed Rack (AQ)Energy Tap (LG)Fissure (DK)
Diabolic Machine (DK)Erosion (DK)Giant Strength (LG)
Fellwar Stone (DK)Flood (DK)Goblin Rock Sled (DK)
Shapeshifter (AQ)Gaseous Form (LG)Immolation (LG)
Tawnos's Wand (AQ)Giant Tortoise (AN)Ironclaw Orcs (MTG)
Tawnos's Weaponry (AQ)Sunken City (DK)Sisters of Flame (DK)
Amulet of Kroog (AQ)Twiddle (MTG)Elder Land Wurm (LG)
Battering Ram (AQ)Zephyr Falcon (LG)Land Tax (LG)
Clay Statue (AQ)Rebirth (LG)Angry Mob (DK)
Grapeshot Catapult (AQ)Sylvan Library (LG)COP: Artifacts (AQ)
Wall of Spears (AQ)Elven Riders (LG)Divine Transformation (LG)
Yotian Soldier (AQ)Killer Bees (LG)Kismet (LG)
Cosmic Horror (LG)Radjan Spirit (LG)Osai Vultures (LG)
Greed (LG)Untamed Wilds (LG)Spirit Link (LG)
Rag Man (DK)Whirling Dervish (LG)Visions (LG)
Xenic Poltergeist (AQ)Winter Blast (LG)Alabaster Potion (LG)
Abomination (LG)Carnivorous Plant (DK)Amrou Kithkin (LG)
Ashes to Ashes (DK)Durkwood Boars (LG)Brainwash (DK)
Blight (LG)Land Leeches (LG)Fortified Area (LG)
Carrion Ants (LG)Marsh Viper (DK)Morale (DK)
Junun Efreet (AN)Nafs Asp (AN)Piety (AN)
Spirit Shackle (LG)Pradesh Gypsies (LG)Pikemen (DK)
Uncle Istvan (DK)Sandstorm (AN)Seeker (LG)
Bog Imp (DK)Venom (DK)Tundra Wolves (LG)
Cyclopean Mummy (LG)Ball Lightning (DK)-

This is the first set to be release using the new international tap symbol (a 135 degree turned arrow) to replace the 45 degree tilted 'T' that was used previously.

Cards were available from May 3, 1995 well past the end of the run in April 1997.

The print run is estimated at 500 million cards.

Fourth Edition included updated rules for the game.

Packaging Information
60 card starter decks (3 rare, 9 uncommon, 26 common, 22 land, rulebook) originally retailed for $8.95. 10 decks per box.

15 card booster packs (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 11 common) originally retailed for $2.95. 36 packs per box.

The packaging was changed from a thin partially see-through plastic to a foil which cannot be seen through. There are 5 booster pack designs: Hurloon Minotaur, Spirit Link, Mesa Pegasus, Mana Vault, and Brass Man.

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Card Lists
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Fancy PDF (144k)May 1995
Text (23k)July 1998
Text Spoiler (88k)July 1998
Text (53k) - Oracle ErrataJuly 2009

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